Traxilla is an indigenous real-time GPS Vehicle Tracking System developed by Awata Software Systems Private Limited. A combination of a hitech GPS Tracker Device and a state-of-the-art GPS Tracker Software, the application enables instantaneous monitoring of vehicles. The user-friendly online GPS tracking software consists of a whole range of features for accurately ascertaining the exact location of vehicles and also issues spontaneous alerts based on various criterion as defined by the user.

Traxilla stands apart from the rest of GPS tracker apps owing to its sheer versatility and compatibility to multiple devices. Designed and developed to be accessed either from a computer or mobile phone, Traxilla comprehensively serves as a world-class GPS tracker online by delivering its entire capabilities across all devices. In short, our GPS Vehicle Tracking System performs every single function of its web application in the mobile application as well.

Offering an array of utilities, Traxilla is rapidly catching the imagination of clients engaged in different business environments. Our GPS Vehicle Tracking System has been successfully tried and tested with optimum results from Educational Institutions to Large Organizations operating transport fleets. With a cutting edge over several other GPS tracker apps, Traxilla has been already received by large logistics organizations as their effective GPS Vehicle Tracking System.

Traxilla is the ideal GPS Tracker Software for overseeing their fleet and for ensuring the safety and security of their students. In addition, installing our GPS Vehicle Tracking System helps in earning the goodwill of the parents and transport operators in equal measure. The capability of Traxilla to be accessible from smart phones (Android/IOS), Tablets, Desktop and Laptop Computers is an added advantage for responsible institutions who perceive their Student's safety as their primary priority.

What the user needs

  • An Android or iOS phone with internet connectivity.
  • Permission from Office / School Administrator / owner to track the vehicle.

What Traxilla gives

  • Exact location of the College / School / Office vehicle.
  • Alerts about Traffic Delays.
  • Information about Late Departure.
  • Intimation about route change.
  • Alternate arrangement.

What Traxilla means to Whom

  • School / College Students & Parents of School going children receive the updates about the vehicle on their mobile phones.
  • College / School Administration / Logistics Companies can keep a real-time watch on the movement of their vehicle fleet.
  • Option for instant exchange of instructions between the administrator, vehicle driver, parents and students.
  • Constant monitoring of the speed limits set by the transport administrator.
  • Facility to communicate breakdowns, traffic jams and other inconveniences.

Traxilla is a product of AWATA Software Systems, a leading software development company located in Chennai, India.