Foodies love their delicacies hot and delicious, even when they order for door-delivery from restaurants. Desire for a quick bite to be delivered from popular restaurants and outlets is always coupled with an expectation that the items are served hot. This presents the most imposing challenge to restaurants and food chains for delivering the food items in quick time to their customers to enable them relish the same as desired. Failure to satisfy customers who prefer door-delivery can undermine the credentials of even the most established restaurants and food chains. In an era of intense competition, quick delivery is seen as one significant business skill for which industry after industry are spending humongous resources for innovation.

Optimum management of resources alone can provide a credible solution to the challenges in the food industry. Effective supervision of delivery modules, immaculate vigilance on transport fleet & personnel, sustained efforts to reduce operational overheads and continuous evaluation of real data form the series of activities that assist in retaining the customer satisfaction levels at desirable limits. It is in this context that TRAXILLA performs the multiple functional manager role to assist in resource management of food chains & restaurants as follows:

  • Real Time Fleet Tracking
  • Monitor Delivery & alert abnormalities
  • Oversee routes and report deviations
  • Keep a tab on speed limits
  • In-depth Analytical Reports

TRAXILLA in a way serves as a behavioural analysis tool as it inforce accountability upon the drivers in terms of avoiding idle-time, late deliveries, rash driving to name a few. The continuous monitoring becomes a deterrent to unauthorized trips, accidents and fuel efficiency which enables better assets management. The versatile reports can provide sufficient inputs for vehicle performance for prompting appropriate management decisions. Consequently, TRAXILLA also performs as a input tool for Menu Management, Manpower Management apart from serving the core function of satisfying customers at all times.

TRAXILLA simply nullifies the burden of demands on business owners. A combination of a thoroughly user-friendly web application and a intuitive mobile application doesn't consume substantial time to implement enabling to sustain the business momentum. With ample scope for need-based customization, TRAXILLA is all geared up for the challenges ahead and keep the restaurants ahead of the logistic requirements that might emerge in the future.

TRAXILLA shall be a part of the future of Food Industry, complimenting to the evolving trends rolling out from time-to-time.