The Education Sector has grown in Multi-fold, ushering unparalleled literacy across the country and thereby shaping a knowledgeable future society. The past few decades have shown a considerable shift in focus towards spreading education to remote corners hitherto deprived of its virtues. While this augurs well for a developing country like India, several fresh challenges are thrown at the Education Sector like Infrastructure, Logistics to name a few. More importantly, every educational institution dwells deep in the personal safety of its students and compassionately shares the anxiety of parents, especially when their children need to depend on road transport, irrespective of whether the mode of transport is owned by the respective schools or otherwise.

TRAXILLA – The GPS driven vehicular tracking system designed and developed by AWATA Softsys, is another versatile diversification from its flag-ship commercial module catering to large transport enterprises moving essentially goods. The exclusive TRAXILLA module, specifically developed for educational institutions is a single solution to address the concerns of Schools/Colleges, Parents and the Transporters as well. This application, apart from providing information about the journey details, also helps parents to feel at ease while dropping or picking their children from the designated points of the trip. TRAXILLA GPS tracking software furnishes real-time information about the status of individual vehicles to the Administration of institutions thereby providing accurate information about the trip all through.

TRAXILLA – alerts the parents about the vehicle's tentative arrival, informs about the current location, exact time of reaching the respective schools and so on. All these information can provide considerable reassurance to the parents.

TRAXILLA – keeps a tab on the speed regulations as might be set by the Institution thereby acting as a deterrent to occasional overspeeding. With provisions to define and designate appropriate routes, the institution can also monitor deviations thereby exercising absolute control over the movement of their fleet. Added features like, alerts during exceptional circumstances like inordinate delays, engine switch-offs, sudden breaks and any other freak incidents shall be instantaneously communicated to the Administration through the web application.

TRAXILLA GPS tracking App perceives transport of children as an activity that requires thorough vigilance and care during its entire course. While the application's primary focus shall be on the Safety and Security of the children, it also provides a variety of information incidental to the trip to the institutions for evaluating the performance of the vehicle as well as the designated drivers. The tailor-made reports can present structured data for analytical purposes for future decision making process.

More importantly, TRAXILLA is a wholesome solution rendering continuous information to institutions and parents and insulating them from occasional risks by serving as a perpetual systematic forecaster.

AWATA Softsys feels immense pride to have provided TRAXILLA to some of the illustrious institutions and going by the trends, our services are destined to reach more schools and colleges in the days to come.