Deployment of GPS technology in Supply Chain Management shall be a determining factor not just for tracking the movement of goods but for improving transport management, curbing superfluous overheads and efficient adherence to supply schedules. The sector, with a perceived multifold growth rate in the imminent future, shall reap rich benefits by using the GPS technology as a mainstream tool to enable immaculate transport management, precise delivery planning, accurate movement tracking and absolute operational flexibility. The widespread deployment of the GPS technology in manufacturing and logistics sector necessitates similar adoption of technology in Supply Chain Management for enhancing the operational efficiency thereby discover more ways of revenue realisation.

The past decade has seen a robust growth in the GPS technology with a whole range of hardware and software hitting the market. While this abundance poses a challenge to prospective users with regard to choice of the most suited application that provides the whole range of services required, TRAXILLA, a product of AWATA SoftSys is the one answer to take care of the entire functions any SCM or Retail Enterprise would desire for.

Enterprises with warehouses situated at several locations often undergo anxious moments during transportation of goods from Ports and/or Terminals to the designated storage facilities. The conventional methods of follow-ups with the help of phone calls can prove to be complicated with no scope for verification. TRAXILLA serves as the tool that transmits the real-time information of movement of trucks enabling accurate inputs and ensuring systematic execution of the trips.

Similarly, TRAXILLA serves as a handy tool to enterprises for meticulous follow-up of consignments to outlets, godowns or anyother destination either through a web-application or a mobile app. By simplifying fleet management with the help of a thoroughly user-friendly web application and mobile app, TRAXILLA can help in drastically reducing idle-time and can render more operational flexibility in terms of utilising the available fleet more productively.

TRAXILLA provides a range of reports for ready reference and decision making process. With ample scope for industry specific customisation, the existing basic reports can serve as handy tools for overseeing the operations irrespective of the size of the fleet, routes covered, volume of business and the number of trips.

In short, TRAXILLA serves as a dynamic virtual manager geared up to deliver precise inputs, accurate reports and effective support to Supply Chain Management sector.