TRAXILLA Car GPS tracker, our flag-ship application exclusively designed and developed for Logistics Sector, serves as a dependable dossier for effective fleet management, identification and reduction of overheads and ensuring optimum return on investments with the help of a simple yet versatile application.

The Logistics Sector in India has been consistently showing immense potential for a spectacular growth, keeping pace with the invent of technology. Effective deployment and optimum capacity utilisation are the vital elements for enhancing operational efficiency, reduction of superfluous overheads, unambiguous communications and profitability in general and the Logistics Sector in specific, considering the enormous contribution it makes to the economics as a whole. The emerging trends of adopting to new methods of management have become imperative and indispensable.

AWATA Softsys recognises the stellar role being played by the Logistics sector and the need for complementing the sector's current significance by employing state-of-the-art technologies. We are abreast of the revolutionary trends taking over the economic activities, more so in such a dynamic sector like logistics which is directly involved in transporting goods across the country and beyond relentlessly.

TRAXILLA, a web application developed by AWATA Softsys, has been designed to act as a handy tool to the Logistics Sector, beginning with monitoring huge fleets of vehicles to enable decision making for policy makers.

Traxilla our vehicle tracking application is a real-time ready reckoner to oversee the fleet operations by ascertaining the accurate locations of individual vehicles to enable realistic planning and effective execution. With the help of a ultra-modern device installed in the vehicles, the journey of individual vehicles is instantly displayed in the web application providing additional attributes like speed alerts, idle time, route diversions to name a few. The technology is agile to track and alert the normal and abnormal activities alike thus providing a complete overview of the journey as it happens.

With added features like customizing trips by designating preferred routes and prefixing distance criterion, Traxilla car GPS tracker app acts as a supervisory tool to keep constant vigil on the movement of the fleet thereby reducing the impact of unforeseen anxieties to a great extent.Apart from being cost-effective, Traxilla provides inputs for quantifying the operational efficiency in terms of measuring time saved, capacity utilised, risk factors and return on investments.The list of our satisfied customers is constantly growing and and so are our efforts to gear up to the challenges ahead by sustaining the momentum to retain TRAXILLA as an application ahead of its times.

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